1. Name – Government College for Men, Kadapa.

2. Light with an opened book  Light is refered to Jyothi and God, at times, manifests in the form of light, Jyothiswarupa. The opened book stands for Vedas, Upanishads and all other treatises including those of Ayurveda, Artha Sastra, Niti Sastras meant for study, learning  and practising for the welfare of Society and human beings and that of the individual himself.

3. Vidyaya amritam asnute It is an exerpt from 11th  Sloka of SAVASYOPANISHAD.  “ Man gets immortality by Education” is the meaning of the same extract.

Education from the perceptive of Indians is under two catogories namely
1. Apara Vidya and
2. Para Vidya.

  Apara Vidya is mundane education. It includes all medical sciences, Dharma  sastras; books of law and code of conduct, Economics, Political Sciences (Niti Sastras), astronomy, astrology, Chemical Engineering, and other Technical Education. They are necessarily meant for the welfare of society in which an individual is a constituent member.

APara Vidya. is spirutual education meant for the upliftment of an individual. Man is mortal. Man is both a mixture of good and bad. Man is essentially a divine spark conditioned by ignorance. Para Vidya. includes Upanisads, Vedas and Vedantic treatises.   Brahma sutras, Upanisads  play an important role in Spiritual education. They come to the rescue of Human beings to help individually to remove the veil of ignorance there by making man immortal.

Upanisads which consititute the end portions and aim of the Vedas, breath the pure fragrance of eternally fresh dialogues of truth between earnest seeker and eminent self-realized Spirutual teachers. They embody all that is best in Indian religion, Philosophy and Spirutualism. They are the fountain head of all Vedas, Culture and ideal ethical conduct of man. The excerpt is from the  ISAVASYOPANISHAD  and the actual sloka  runs  thus –  -  Isavasyopanishad  Sloka 11


Vidyam avidyam ca yas tad Vedobhayam Saha
avidyaya mrtyum tirtva Vidyaya amritam asnute

Meaning: He who understanda Vidya  is immortal (immortality) having conquered, death by avidya

Leaving out the technicalities involved in this sloka, It comes to mean thus:-

Man becomes immortal by studying and practising mundane education and Spiritual education. By  followingjnana yoga and Karma yoga,  Man transgressing death  reaches immortality. There after no rebirth to individual  takes  place.  Man  attains Self-realization experiencing the bliss of Brahman, all pervading omnicient and omnipotent God. Thus by education Man attains immortality.