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Question papers setting :

The process of question paper setting is being done according to the syllabi, model question paper and guidelines approved by the Board of Studies and ratified by the Academic Council.

Regular and supplementary exams :

Both regular and supplementary exams are conducted in the first spell (i.e., I, III and V as regular; II, IV and VI as supplementary) in the second spell (i.e., II, IV and VI as regular; I, III and V as supplementary).

Malpractice committee :

The college takes a serious view of the unfair methods in all the theory and practical examinations. Cases of malpractice noticed at any stage are severely punishable.

Malpractices enquiry committee is constituted to dispose the cases of malpractices. The cases booked by the vigilance squad or by the invigilator are examined by this committee.

Practical exams :

Practical exams are being conducted from the academic year 2015-16 onwards at the end of each and every sem for the science students.

Project work :

For the 2015-2018 batch, department of Commerce has given project work to the B. Com (G) students in Sem – V & VI for cluster papers.

For the 2015-2018 batch, department of Mathematics has given project work in Sem – VI for one cluster paper.

For the 2015-2018 batch department of Computer Science has given project work in Sem – VI for one cluster pape

Feed back :

The feedback is being obtained from the students, from the departments and from the examiners after completing the exams schedule, before sending the answer books for external evaluation.

Mentoring system :

Every staff member will be in-charge of 25 students for mentoring purpose. Every staff member will act as student ward counselor. Student profile book is maintained in the college. To finish this task with more effectiveness the exams section submits the student ward book (printed with software features) to the Principal after declaring the semester end exams result (odd semesters and as well as even semesters)

Revaluation provision (Semester End Exams):

The student may appeal to the Principal for revaluation of any paper in any subject. Revaluation notice will be displayed in the notice board and a specified time will be given to apply for the revaluation. Application along with the revaluation fee receipt shall be submitted to the Principal. Those applications are forwarded to the exams section, by finishing the minimum formalities and revaluation process will be started.

Instant Exam (To the outgoing batch students):

If any student has backlog of only one theory paper in SEM – VI (External exams) he/she is eligible to write the instant exam. If he/she completes that paper the degree will be awarded (i.e., Provisional certificate will be issued). If that student has backlogs for the remaining sems (i.e., I to V) he can apply for revaluation and if he/she is benefited through revaluation, he/she is eligible to write the instant exam. 

Grace period given to complete the UG course:

A student is notable to complete the UG course within three 3 years, A maximum period of 6 years is given from the date of admission to appear for supplementary exams and to complete the UG course.

Stitched Answer Books:

Stitched answer books are issuing for internal exams, re-internal exams and practical exams and semester end exams with security features.

Marks Memos and Provisional Certificate:

Marks memos for semester end exams, consolidate marks memo and provisional certificate are issuing with security features.