Postgraduate Courses

Six Post graduate courses are being offered to give exposure to the students in the areas which have rapidly change.

M.A. Telugu is a two year course, minimum eligibility for which is a B.A. in Telugu. Telugu is the study of literature, linguistics and philosophy of the Telugu language. Subjects typically studied under this degree are Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Literary Criticism, Literary History etc.Different career options are available for graduates in this field, for instance one can become a teacher, translator or a freelancer as well. For imparting a program in the foreign language, the educational institutions mostly look for experts in this field.Option for taking private tuitions is also available. There are various types of jobs available for interpreters, such as consecutive interpreter, general interpreter and liaison interpreter.Translators also work in fields such as scientific literary, technical or business. Freelancing is the new trend in the field of language. Freelancers join research firms, translation bureaus, publishing houses, international organizations, hotel industry, travel and tourism sector etc.

Masters in Commerce (M. Com.)
Master of Commerce (M.Com.) is a 2-year post- graduate Master's degree which focuses on Commerce, Accounting, Management and Economics related subjects. The course mainly includes thesis based components and some research-based elements are also included. This course is a smart choice for candidates who wish to make a career in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) as well as accounting and commerce sectors.

M.Sc. Zoology
M.Sc. Zoology is a postgraduate course in the study of animal behaviour, structure and classification. A candidate has to be a B.Sc. graduate in Medical and Allied Medical Sciences/ Biosciences/ Life sciences with minimum 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university in order to be eligible for this course.M.Sc. Zoology graduates can obtain jobs in Academic and research institutes as an assistant professor, Researcher and zoologist. A fresh graduate of this course can expect an average annual salary of INR 90,000 to 1.5 Lacs.

M.Sc. Botany
Botany is the study of plant sciences and is also known as plant biology or phytology. Students take up Master of Science (MSc) in Botany if they are interested to pursue a career in plant life and its characteristics.The course is designed in such a manner that students can become botanists, mycologists and phycologists. Botany also deals with various aspects of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and environmental science. The study of plants is vital as life is dependent on plants for a living. Plants produce energy, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and water.

M.Sc. Physics
M.Sc. Physics or Master of Science in Physics is a postgraduate Physics course. Physics is a natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space-time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. More broadly, it is the general analysis of nature, conducted to understand how the universe behaves.M.Sc. Physics graduate can get jobs in Research labs, academic and education institution, atomic and space organization, meteorology departments, medical industry etc. and can work as Research Scientist, Lecturer/professor, medical physicist, radiation physicist etc.A fresh graduate of this course can expect an average annual salary of INR 1 to INR 2.5 Lacs.

M.Sc. Chemistry
M.Sc. Chemistry or Master of Science in Chemistry is a postgraduate Chemistry course. Chemistry is the science of matter and the changes it undergoes. The science of matter is also addressed by physics, but while physics takes a more general and fundamental approach, chemistry is more specialized, being concerned with the composition, behavior, structure, and properties of matter, as well as the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions.A person who is a Master of Science in Chemistry acquires professional as well as scientific level competency. It offers scientific and professional entry-level competency along with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialized fields. Students do their masters in the particular subject that they have studied during their graduation course.Career opportunities are vast for someone who has received their MSc degree in Chemistry. They can look for jobs in Pharmaceutical Companies, Laboratories, Research Centers, Medical Colleges, private clinics, etc. On an average, the salary earned by Chemistry postgraduates ranges between INR 3 to INR 6 Lakhs.